Aivan upea takki, joka on tehty todella laadukkaasti ja viimeistellysti. Takissa on tuplasatiinikangas, joka takaa miellyttävän tunteen säässä kuin säässä. Mieletön hehkuva väri, ja kaunis vihreä kuosi. Toinen puoli on sporttisempi, mutta yhtä vimpan päälle tehty. Tumma lila ja luonnonvalkoinen toimivat kivasti yhdessä.


· Baseball-tyylinen takki

· vetoketju edessä

· ribbikaulus ja hihansuut

· taskut

· tereet saumoissa

· varovainen konepesu 30°C

· ei rumpukuivausta


97% polyester, 3% elastaani

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Valmistajan King Louie vastuullisuudesta:

We are dedicated towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and expect the same from our suppliers; all of who strive towards good working conditions and care for the environment. For us CSR is a continuous process of improvement, and we feel responsible for- and connected with the people that make our products.

Fair Trade | Labour conditions

King Louie insists on working solely with manufacturers who value and guarantee good working conditions for its employees. Our clothing is produced in Turkey and Asia. We have worked with our main supplier for more than 20 years and have longstanding relationships with all of our other manufacturers as well. Of course we visit all our suppliers on a regularly base.

King Louie’s principal supplier – established in Turkey – is a very inspiring company and its owner Mrs. Nur Ger is a celebrated advocate of women’s rights. In 2012 the company was awarded ‘Best Social Gender Equality in Work Life’ in Turkey. In 2013 the factory was included in the ‘Honorary List by United Nations Women Empowerment Principles’ (UN WEPs) and in 2016 Mrs. Nur Ger was appointed as Global Business Advocate of the UN WEPs.

Fair Wear Foundation

King louie is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). This independent, non-profit organisation aims to improve the labour conditions within the fashion industry. FWF advocates free choice of labour, fair wages, no child labour, no excessive working hours and safe & healthy working conditions. Together with FWF, and step by step, we introduce improvements of working conditions. FWF checks the improvements and then reports about them in their yearly ’Brand Performance Check’, which is published on their website ( can read the Brand Performance Check and out current Social Report here:



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Mitat 7.5 x 7 cm
Vaatteen koko

36, 38, 40, 42, 44